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Oct. 3rd, 2008


I think it's the end

I'm not posting here anymore, but I started a random blog on blogger tumblr, Le blah blah de moi, where I just bs about kpop mostly ...

Jan. 5th, 2007


Happy New Year guys

Happy new year to everybody.
Hope you will all have a good year.
One of my new resolutions is to try not to be eaten away by the Internet.
So wish me good luck and maybe see you next year?

Nov. 24th, 2006



So yesterday I went to Cat Power's concert. The hall was pretty big, with a balcony, 3 bars and full of people (it was almost sold-out). I wonder where all those people come from. How do you manage do bring all your friends with you at a concert? Cause I totally fail.
I could not convince any of my friends to come with me =____= .I was all alone in the middle of 10-people groups...
The ratio was probably 7:3 with girls, all with skinny jeans, tucked in their knee-length boots and big bangs. I was feeling... Special? Probably the only girl boot-leg jeans and a vest there (maybe I'm too old school lol).

Anyway when Cat Power arrived, she beat them all . Longer bangs, skinner jeans tucked in ankle boots. Oh right!

The concertCollapse )

May. 29th, 2006


>_> ;(

My ipod is not working anymore!!!! The hold button won't switch to off ;:. What am I gonna do? I feel like an empty shell. They took the music away from me T^T. I had such a good week-end. Why does that happen?
EDIT: Jada is the new messiah

May. 25th, 2006


Bad Day

I'm not there...
This isn't happening

Je suis vraiment la reine des bourdes :p

Sometimes you wake up and you already feel like s*** and when you arrive at work, 129394940 bad things already happened...
I feel heavy, like I have the cares of the world on my shoulders..
This is not a good feeling x__x .

Anyway, week-end is coming soon :)

btw I'm meeting this guy from my uni everytime I go back home. I hope it's really coincidence and not fate or destiny cause well.. I don't want to >_> he's a D&D guy :p.
I really believe in destiny you know? This is bad ;(

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